Are Ticks and Mosquitoes Bugging You?
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Southern MD Tick & Mosquito Control • Serving:
St Marys, Charles and Calvert Counties

Are ticks and mosquitoes keeping you from enjoying your backyard? We are licensed professionals who will control the ticks and mosquitoes in your yard allowing you to enjoy your property restfully and safely.

LSL Lawn Service, LLC is a licensed ticks and mosquito control treatment and management company serving the Southern MD area with treatments for special events, as needed and seasonal treatments with no contracts. Only let a MDA licensed company treat your lawn.

So MD Mosquito Control

Quality Backyard Pest Control

We are a locally owned business and know how important it is for you to be able to enjoy the outdoors with your family and pets and are here to help protect your outdoor spaces. We take pride in providing quality tick and mosquito control management in the Southern Maryland areas of Charles County, St Marys County and Calvert County outshines our competitors. Unlike the competition, we target the ticks and mosquitoes at every controllable stage of their life cycle.

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Child and Pet Friendly Applications

We protect your children and pets from the nuisance and danger of ticks and mosquitoes by focusing on the areas of your property where ticks and mosquitoes are most likely to feed and harbor. Once applied, it provides even greater protection as ticks and mosquitoes attempt to feed off your greenery, as the residue from the treatment will knock them down too.